SURFER ROSSO Botanic Hard Seltzer


Inspired by the Pixies, Surfer Rosso transports the drinker to the technicolor dreamscape of the summer of ‘88. 

Neon wetsuits flashed in the surf as the radio asked, “Where is my mind?” In the small stretch between 54th and 56th streets of Echo Beach lingered a day-glo daze. Palms swayed under the turmeric sun. Agua fresca and fresh fruit squeezed with lime were carted up and down sand-streaked streets as cool ocean breezes cut through the air, heavy with salt and ripe hibiscus. The crisp snap of a can; refreshing as a deep ocean plunge. 


Available in California and Florida only.


4 packs at $4.50 a can 

Tasting Notes

Ripe, tart hibiscus, sweet quince, and a bright squeeze of citrus cut through the warm haze of ginger, clove, turmeric, and star anise.