SUN SIGN Botanic Hard Seltzer


A desert celebration, Sun Sign captures the lightness and brightness of the longest day of the year. 

At the summer solstice, golden hour hangs late in the day. Neptune, the planet of dreams, stations retrograde in Pisces. Ripe orange dunes cascade into Black Rock, sweet vanilla smoke from the bonfires ribboning in the air. This is not a time for idleness, but a pursuit of solar hedonism. On the cusp of the Twins and the Crab, air meets water and bubbles form, dotting the desert with shimmering sunbeams. Before the lunar night falls, drink in the dappled mandarin light. 


Available in California and Florida only.


4 packs at $4.50 a can 

Tasting Notes

Juicy mandarin and sweet orange brighten the cool smoke of rich oak, herbal bay, and milky vanilla.