FAERIE FIZZ Botanic Hard Seltzer


Brewed with petals and stems, Faerie Fizz is an effervescent garden escape.

At dusk, garden roses and berry bushes spring alive. Jasmine flowers bloom under a waning moon, stretching their limbs and kissing the warm night with their heady fragrance. Cicadas sing. Faeries swing around tangled trellises, dodging thorns and sliding down dew-dotted basil leaves. They flutter in the flora, prioritizing pleasure. The sweet nectar of blossoms and berries is poured high into rose petal cups, sitting dainty on lily pad saucers. Clink a glass, take a sip. Faeries drink to remember, not to forget.


Available in California and Florida only.


4 packs at $4.50 a can 

Tasting Notes

Soft blooms of rose and jasmine dance around the tongue with bursting red raspberry and the herbal zest of green cardamom and holy basil.